Tuesday, November 8, 2022

My Future's Past 7

I think this will be the last of these hinting that already so heavily influenced by cubism. It is the most blatantly influenced by Picasso. I really felt a need to understand this version of abstraction. I wanted to bring cubism to another level. The ego and arrogance of a 26 year old me wanted to upstage the masters. I wanted to invent my own ism. This one started with several drawings of one model in several poses. I wanted to show all sides at once.

I don't think this was the last of these that I painted, but it was the culmination of the idea. I needed to tell my stories. I started writing my first book and that change how I approached my painting and drawing. At the start of these posts expressing my early path, I posted some of those paintings where I let the tales live.

This painting closed an early chapter in my tale. My next post will go even further backwards, to my student work.

oil on canvas about 12x16

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