Friday, September 18, 2015


Mount Hope Bay Series

        I have a friend, really I have more than a friend, but one in particular likes to remind me that "Change is the only constant."  I don't know if he is quoting someone else, but I am quoting him, as he is the one who reminds me of it so often.  He embraces change, even encourages it. I on the other hand simply accept that it is possible and not always as bad as I fear.  Change, it seems like such a loaded word, a premise even, one we can use to our advantage when it regards our creativity.

The Drawn to Music Project

       The last time I wrote a blog entry, I was amazed by Da Vinci drawings, click back and read it.  I hope you find it at least entertaining, if not quite profound.  I was inspired by those drawings to once again explore the power of the pencil and how that might affect and influence my work.  But first, it also inspired me to change the look of  Taylespun Studio.  

       I loved the way Da Vinci looked on colored walls.  I loved the intimate feel and the comfort I felt looking at the masterwork on the walls.

        Now, I don't and would never equate myself with those brilliant precursors of my artistic lineage, I will leave that others less attached and far more objective to do, and yeah, I hope someday they will.  Hell, why not?  But I do like the idea of learning from the presentation and well as the hand and the line.  So, I came back to Taylespun Studio and picked up a brush, a big one, and a roller.  I laid a few layers of paint on the walls and changed, (that word again,) the look of my studio.
Views and Hues

       It more fairly resembles a gallery.  I still work at one end, but walking in, my work is presented, not simply hung.  I am not certain why I avoided this before now.  I think I liked the idea of exhibiting my work raw, unvarnish and simple.  But I have to admit, I like this better.  My clients seem to as well.

Public Spaces

  The patrons and volunteers here at The Narrows Center for the Arts who visit me and my work have expressed to me how much the like the changes.  Its funny how I return to the word over and over.  My friend is not an "I told you so..." kind of soul.  He is honest and blunt, and sometimes his bombast is as quick as his wit.  He helped me to hang my newest series of work, "Public Spaces," and as he handed me the paintings while I stood atop a tall aluminum ladder, there was a smile, even a glint in his eye, one I recognized.  He approved.

Shadows and Light

Two weeks later, he topped me.  He spontaneously got married for the first time. Now that's change embraced for sure.

Drawn To Music Project