Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pathways Through Color 1

Mudseason: Kinship

       I started this new year with the news that I have earned my fifth grant from the Fall River Cultural Council, a division of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  This Years work grows out of last years work.  I created about 50 graphite drawings inspired by my walks in the Freetown Fall River State Forest and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Essentially I spent most of the year drawing trees.

Mudseason: Small path

Mudseason: Along the Saco

        I spent the time exploring the value range found during "Mudseason", That early part of spring before the buds and blossoms even begin to wake up.  The ground is soft, sweet smelling, somewhat slippery and filled with a range of color I was not used to, so I chose to avoid color, and stick with my pencils, erasers, I guess, I sort of went acoustic.

Mudseason: Reflecting

        So, back to this new year and new project, Pathways Through Color.  I have brought my palette and brushes back into the equation.  There is a new range of hue and chroma working through.  A new vocabulary.  I am excited as I walk the the color and into the forests.  Now, I need to add, these are meant to be expressive paintings.  They are inspired by actual places, but not intended to be true representations of those places.  They are about color, value and emotion.  

Mudseason: My Tree
Mudseason: The Long Twin Silver Line