Sunday, November 6, 2022

My Future Past 3

If you have seen in earlier posts, in my younger days, (can't believe i can actually say that), I spent alot of time following my friends who worked as musicians.

Small clubs, bars, restaurants, and festivals... my sketchbook and I went all over and stayed up late.  I have never attempted to create a likeness or a portrait in my work   I was after the moment, a feeling, sometimes a song.  I prefer the viewer to interpret the work, much like the musicians do with music lyics and rhythm.  This theme has been sort of a side gig throughout my painting carrer, much like lit is for the performers themselves.

This painting was based upon the performance of a friend who now follows my work.  I wonder if the performer will recognize and appreciate the work.  I never acknowledged the inspiration for this painting.

Everyone, feel free to guess.  Who is...

oil on canvas 1987

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