Monday, November 7, 2022

My Future's Past 6

For a time I delved into the world on the cubists.  A limited color range and a series of fractured figures dominated myvwork for a few years.  I have written about some of my early music inspired work and now i will talk about some of the figure work.

With a blatant nod to Picasso, i took 3 drawings of one model from my college sketch books, and created this composition first in charcoal, then in this limited palette.  For a time, I really worked at understanding cubism, and worked it into my core.  This painting is fundamental to my evolution as a painter.

Sharp eyed folks who know my work, may notice a light bulb and an open window.  This is one of my earliest explorations into multiple light sources... I will bring that up later as it becomes more important in later works...  notice also, the repetitive circles, like morse code, dotting across the picture plane.  There is alot going on in this one that evolved throughout my painting life.

about 17x24 oil on canvas 1987

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