Friday, July 16, 2021

Sea to See

       It has been embarrassingly long since I have added to this blog.  Sometimes life gets overwhelming and we must pick and choose priorities and those paths that our hearts prefer get put aside to address more immediate challenges.

  So, that said, I am back.  If you have not read past posts, now is a good time to go back and do it.  I try to write from my heart and explain where and how my art work is created.  I have been painting for about 50 years as of this one.  Each painting relies on all of the previous work.  So, I invite you to grab a cup, a glass or a bottle and spend a wee bit of time with my thoughts.

             More Time Along the Way
                  36x48 oil on canvas

                           Sea to See

     If you have spent any time following this blog, or following my social media, you know my wife, Dianne and I, love to take inspirational day trips to the mountains and the sea.  You may also have picked up, that I love the southern coast of Maine, particularly, Ogunquit, Perkins Cove, and the sea side walking path called Marginal Way.  The breeze whisking along the ocean keeps the worst of summers heat at bay.  The light from the sunshine is clear, bright, and vivid.  I love the varying shades of blue, sometimes shaking hands with violet, and sometimes tickling turquoise.  Often, both occur at the same time. 

                         Ocean Inlet
                 36x48 oil on canvas

     Clouds hover, as they shift and float overhead and toward the horizon.   Sometimes, I hear them whisper with the wind, the secrets and wishes of generations to be carried across time. 

                     Midnight Ramblings
                     36x48 oil on canvas

     Rocks, sometimes shades of black,  shades of umber, and still at other times sparkling surprizing hues, form a foundation, supporting the burdens of fallen dreams.  The colors reflecting the hard realities that emulate our struggles, our harsh challenges and even echo the passage of time.  The sea flows between those stones, showing me the paths, the ways, even the victories over those rocks and challenges.

         On the Way  36x48 oil on canvas

    I don't try to recreate what I see, I try to translate what I feel.  Like the lyrics to a song or the words in a poem, my brush strokes are a bridge from me to the viewer.  Where it goes from there is similar to the life of a child, separate and joined at the same time. We share these lives and we walk and live our lives along the sea we see.

The following are quick shot acrylic on panel studies.  They may or may not become larger gallery sized paintings.   They are certainly a part of what comes next.

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