Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to Juxtapositions the Taylespun Blog

For the last few years, friends and colleagues have asked why I didn’t have a blog of some sort.  I have been an artist all of my life and have made it the driving force behind all of my life decisions since 1982 when I left the U.S. Coast Guard and became an art student.  I spent nearly 25 years working for an independent art supply store, where I learned and shared information about art materials and techniques from hundreds, more likely thousands of practicing artists, art supply manufactures and their representatives.   I have mentored, taught and shared everything I could, without reservation to anyone who asked.

3 ½ years ago, I lost that job that had helped me to define myself.  I miss the interaction with artists, hobbyists, and those who just mess around with their creativity.  With this blog I hope to get some of that back.  I plan to share my experience and my opinion with those who wish to spend some time here.  I hope to inspire a few discussions and answer some questions.  I hope what I have to say is meaningful and maybe important.   It is my anticipation to evolve this blog into an e-zine of sorts as I travel the Southcoast area and beyond, visiting galleries, artist studios, and even a few rock and roll shows.

I plan on linking to articles I respect, even those I may disagree with.   I hope to recreate the community I left behind, make it something broader, more vivid, and inspiring.  I hope to find many followers as I grow and discover a new path on this journey.

If you have suggestions or question, send them.  You want to discuss, let it rip.  Let’s have some fun and help each other grow as artists, art lovers and friends.

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